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Welcome to SPRAYTIME®, the flagship international newsletter for the thermal spray community, published by the International Thermal Spray Association.


To be the flagship thermal spray industry newsletter providing company, event, people, product, research, and membership news of interest to industrial leaders, engineers, researchers, scholars, policymakers, and the public thermal spray community.

2014 Goal

Significantly increase the global circulation of the SPRAYTIME newsletter.

To qualify for a free subscription, please choose the SPRAYTIME logo box in the right hand column.

SPRAYTIME ® Continues as Industry Newsletter

The International Thermal Spray Association is pleased to announce that it will continue to provide SPRAYTIME free-of-charge to the thermal spray community. If you have been receiving SPRAYTIME, you will continue receiving SPRAYTIME. If you or your colleagues wish to sign up for a free subscription, visit www.spraytime.org and choose the SPRAYTIME logo to complete a short questionnaire.

SPRAYTIME will continue to grow by reaching across other industries (AWS, SAE, NACE, ASME, etc.) for pertinent information-sharing and additional readership. As a result of this collaboration with other professional industries, open enrollment and an expanded readership base, we expect our circulation to increase significantly to 10,000 in this decade.

If you are a member of the thermal spray community or have an interest in thermal spray, SPRAYTIME is your newsletter and we continue to encourage and welcome your contributions of articles, news, and events.

ITSA is proud of what we started with SPRAYTIME in 1992 and what we have planned for future expansion of news and circulation.


During this period, the newsletter has grown with:

• expansion from an eight-page tabloid to a twenty-four page letter size publication and 4 issues per year
• a standardized newsletter/magazine format
• increased articles on industry applications, research, press releases, and people-in-the-news
• an expanded calendar of events
• standardized advertisement sizes
• an addition of a one and two page insert sizes
• an addition of one-tenth page advertisement
• classified advertising for business services, employment opportunities and equipment
• increased insertion rates for frequency discounts
• early bird discount for frequency advertising commitments prior to February 15th
• increased international news and distribution
• three-hole-punched for retention convenience
• addition of color layout
• Journal of Thermal Spray Technology Abstracts
• an annual Publishers Circulation Statement
• distribution increased to 4500 copies per issue


We need your help to keep this news momentum flowing and firmly establish SPRAYTIME as a world class newsletter within the thermal spray industry. You and your Company have the opportunity to help design the content of your newsletter. In a survey of the thermal spray community many years ago, the top five areas of newsletter interest were identified as:

1. Shop Talk solutions and unique approaches
2. Industry applications of interest
3. Industry News
4. Commercial Developments of interest
5. Research News

In plain words, we are looking for the kind of stories you like to read - "hands-on" activity and applications that you can learn from, dreams and designs that became a reality (equipment, supplies, and processes), problems identified and solved, problems identified and not solved, people in the news (promotions, special awards, new employees), and facility news (new buildings, expansions, increased focus on thermal spray business, new thermal spray activity), research in progress, research needed, upcoming events, and general information of interest to the thermal spray community.

We also welcome articles in a Thermally Interesting category which would cover the more casual, unique, historical, and imaginative stories. Topics for this area include, but are not limited to, creative answers or explanations to the question . ."What is thermal spray?"; the most difficult or easiest spray job; the most unusual/unique item sprayed; the smallest, largest, longest, shortest item sprayed; humorous episodes; historical facts; unique new product introduction; and humorous use of thermal spray terminology

Articles can be as small as one paragraph and as large as one page (approximately 1000 words or 750 words with three photos or charts). All articles are reviewed for appropriate content, put in order of preference by date received, and inserted as space allows. For product sales and promotion, please provide press releases or arrange for advertisement space. Please remind your marketing and sales staff to send press releases to the SPRAYTIME Publishing Office.


This is your industry newsletter and it can only reflect the industry as it is known to us. We would appreciate knowing whether we are adequately balancing areas of interest that meet your needs. We do plan to conduct an online readership survey in the near future. In the interim, please take the time to share your views and comments.

Extra Copies

All members have the opportunity to purchase extra SPRAYTIME copies at a very reasonable rate if requests are known prior to printing. Newsletter copies are a valuable promotional tool, especially when the issue includes information about your company!



We look for opportunities to increase SPRAYTIME distribution. Please let us know about any regional or local thermal spray activity that would be interested in having complimentary copies of SPRAYTIME for distribution to their participants. This could include any thermal spray related meeting, training class, small conference or exposition, chapter meeting, product or service demonstration, career night at a school or university, or your own company open house. Although there is no charge related to providing these SPRAYTIME complimentary newsletters, they will only be available when requests are made far enough in advance so that print quantities can be increased.

Please share this information with your marketing, advertising and sales staff and suggest that they contact me with any questions relative to these new opportunities.


We look forward to responding to your comments and meeting your needs so that SPRAYTIME will continue as a flagship newsletter.

We have tried to include information on all the frequently asked questions about the SPRAYTIME newsletter. Please contact us if you need additional information.

Best Regards,

Kathy M. Dusa, Your SPRAYTIME Managing Editor


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